1-Year-Old Baby Meets Minnie Mouse

Do you remember the first time you met your idol?

If you still haven’t, at least you know what it feels like to worship their every move, to be inspired by their every action. It can be humbling and shocking, the effect some individuals can have on us. I mean, just look at how this dog reacts when she hears Michael Jackson! And having an idol can start from a very young age. Just look at what happens in the video below when the 1-year-old baby meets Minnie Mouse!

In December 2016, little 1-year-old Lia was taken to visit Disneyland in California by her family.

Of course, this was a very special visit, as Lia has had a soft spot for the famous Minnie Mouse since she was born.

She has a lot of cuddly toys but in particular she loves her giant Minnie Mouse, which was given to her by her grandma on the day she was born,” her mom said.

The video begins with Lia being carried by her dad into the famous character’s home. When she gets into view of Minnie, she starts pointing and shaking her hands up and down.

When Minnie finally greets her, Lia’s jaw drops in utter shock!

Lia seems to be overwhelmed with a mixture of nerves, happiness, and surprise as Minnie and her interact.

She even gets the chance to repeatedly place a finger on Minnie’s nose, much to her joy.

After a heartwarming visit, Dad tells her to wave goodbye, but Lia is too busy dealing with her starstruck reaction to listen!

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