10 Secrets to Nourish Your Inner Magnificence

You know life is beyond busy with every thread of your being. The responsibilities creating your reasons to separate from your divinely inspired essence hinder you. You are mired in work, caring for your family, creating more resources to do what you want to do and live how you want to live. Consider that the very nature of your reason for being is based on feeling divine inspiration available for you.  

Large questions of worth and purpose loom when you have checked out from the moments that interconnect your divine inspiration from the life you live. Life is comprised of an infinite series of seemingly tiny actions like tasting your food, inhalations and exhalations, unperceived reactions and a trillion more little things happening internally each and every day.  

Begin to find meaningful feelings to connect you to divine inspiration by really looking in the mirror. Audibly recite your traits and express what you see. Describe the color of your eyes: blue, brown, azure, sea green, golden flecks, ebony, and anything else. Recount the shape of your eyebrows, density of freckles, skin tone, and curve of your lips, lines around your mouth, eyes, and nose; thick or thin hairline and all the possibilities in between. Observe with contentment and compliment. This is your beautiful face.  

Be open to believing in your worth just because you are. Baby steps of self love join with acceptance of yourself to change your life. Your life isn’t anything that happened to you or you did right or wrong. Your life is right now. Choose to move into this moment where diversity of your own life lives. Loving yourself integrates acceptance into your experience. Cultivating acceptance begins with accepting yourself.  

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