10 Things to Know About Depression

There are so many things to know about depression. These 10 things about depression form the basics of what you need to know when dealing with someone depressed. First, you need to know the difference between depression and sadness. It’s a bigger difference than you might think. You must realize that men and women react differently to depression. This is important because husband/wife relationships are really tested when one partner is depressed. Depression does not mean you are weak, lazy, or broken. Remember that. A depressed person is simply fighting enormous despair and is using all energy to stay alive. There are many causes of depression. Every depressed person has their own particular reason for being depressed. Not all reasons are created by people. It’s okay to talk about despair and suicide when depressed. Talk is a safe, simple way to deal with depression. Talking about suicide actually decreases the risk of a person attempting suicide. Hugs are welcome! Hugs create feelings of trust, love, and support. Tell the depressed person he/she is loved. Love is unconditional. “I love you,” says, “I’m not trying to change you. I accept you, I’m here to support you whatever way you want me to, and I trust you.” If you notice signs of suicide, talk to the person. You might be saving a life by talking about suicide. If there’s already been a suicide attempt, don’t try to ignore or cover it up. Someone who attempted suicide will try again. 

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