10 Ways to Look After Your Mental Health

Mental health is health. Mental health is about your everyday interactions with life, and how you cope with it. More importantly, mental health is about your state of well being. Mental health includes your emotional, psychological, and social well being. It’s about how you make choices, relate to others, and handle stress.

You can’t ignore your mental health, because like it or not, its part of you. It’s been with you since you were born. In fact, mental health, emotional health, physical health, and spiritual health work in synergy to make up the complete you. To be mentally healthy you must have good ways to deal with your feelings, know how to enjoy life, and be resilient when you have a bad day. 

Why do physical illnesses get treatment and mental health gets judgment? Mental health is often overlooked, not mentioned to doctors, or not treated as seriously as physical health. Full body physicals don’t include a mental health checkup, even though your mental health affects your body and emotions. When you have cancer, your doctor takes care of you and provides treatment plans. When mental health is ill or suffering, it might be denied, misdiagnosed, go untreated, or be judged and mocked. 

Your mental health can be simple to maintain. It might not always be easy to keep it happy or carefree. But you can do a few things to take care of your mental health and make your state of well being a positive one. Here are 10 simple and easy ways to look after your mental health.

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