13 NES Games We Want To See On Nintendo Switch Online

After nearly a year and a half since the Switch’s launch, Nintendo has finally rolled out the console-hybrid’s online service. While it now requires players to pay for online play, you do at least get some nice perks. The most noteworthy among them is access to a library of Nintendo Entertainment System games. What’s more: each game now supports online multiplayer functionality, so you won’t need a second player to be in the same room with you. Even games that didn’t originally come with multiplayer support have been given light multiplayer functionality via the addition of a cursor system where your second player can point at the screen and even applaud.

The release of Nintendo Switch Online’s NES library got us thinking about all the games we want to be added in the future. After all, more are slated to release in the months ahead. We have our own ideas as to what should appear on the service. In this feature, we’ve highlighted 13 games we’d love to see appear on the service and talk about how each would benefit from the added online functionality. For your reference, check out our comprehensive list containing all the games in service’s NES game library.

Like its competitors, Nintendo Switch Online can be purchased in different tiers. A single month costs $4/£3.50; three months costs $8/£7; and a whole year costs $20 / £18. Of course, if you have multiple people in your house who want their own accounts, you can purchase a family plan, which costs $35/£26 per year and allows up to eight people to play online. On top of online play and access to NES games, the service also allows for save data cloud save backup and access to special offers, such as the ability to pre-order Switch-compatible NES controllers.

Which NES games do you want to appear on Nintendo Switch Online? Let us know in the comments below.

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