13 Sexual “Would You Rather” Questions That Are Honestly So Fucked Up

    1. I’d rather have my mom walk in on me.

    2. I’d rather have someone shart in my mouth.

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    1. I’d rather lose my balance and fall into a glass door.

    2. I’d rather start my period in the middle of a threesome.

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    1. I’d rather accidentally pocket-dial my mom.

    2. I’d rather have an allergic reaction to the lube.

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    1. I’d rather lose my glasses in the middle of an orgy.

    2. I’d rather blow a guy after he put numbing cream on his dick.

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    1. I’d rather throw up on someone’s dick, then slurp it back up.

    2. I’d rather cum in someone’s mouth and have them spit it in mine.

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    1. I’d rather have someone pee in my mouth.

    2. I’d rather get toilet paper remnants in my mouth.

ID: 10708638

    1. I’d rather get part of the skin on my dick torn off.

    2. I’d rather get fingered by someone who just ate buffalo wings.

ID: 10708774

    1. I’d rather make out with someone who just peed their pants.

    2. I’d rather throw up all over someone.

ID: 10708787

    1. I’d rather go down on someone and break my nose.

    2. I’d rather sneeze and shoot cum out of my nose.

ID: 10708824

    1. I’d rather have someone ask to blow air into my butt.

    2. I’d rather have someone play with my boobs and sing.

ID: 10708934

    1. I’d rather faint during sex.

    2. I’d rather have someone’s dog sneak up on me.

ID: 10708955

    1. I’d rather sleep with a random couple and get pregnant.

    2. I’d rather have a heart attack in the middle of an orgy.

ID: 10708963

    1. I’d rather have sex with a tampon still inside me.

    2. I’d rather shit on the guy’s dick.

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