15 Maternity Ward Nurses Are All Pregnant At the Same Time

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Remember when nine delivery nurses in Maine got pregnant at the same time? Well, a maternity ward in Long Island officially beat their record.

At NYU Winthrop Hospital, a whopping 15 women are pregnant at the same time.

Seriously, what is going on here?!

“It was kinda surprising, we beat them!” pregnant nurse Ida Sguigna told CBS New York.

All 15 of the pregnant women work as nurses and physician assistants in the labor, delivery, and neonatal ICU sections of the Long Island hospital. The first nurse to announce her pregnancy was Heather Herger. After that, the happy news just kept on coming.

“They would say ‘No, you too?’” nurse Sara Chewens laughed. “Yeah, me too.”

But like the nurses in Maine, these pregnant women are enjoying the camaraderie.

“We were all asking each other things about wedding planning and now we are all asking about babies. I think that’s pretty cool,” nurse Monica Lecrichia said.

And again, like the women in Maine, these working moms are in a uniquely convenient situation. As women who deal with childbirth professionally, they plan to help each other out as much as possible. Plus, they can keep on working right until the very end.

“Of course I’m still working, what better place to go into labor than work?” nurse Ashley Leighton joked. “If your water breaks, you start contracting, just walk down the hall and you have your baby.”

Meanwhile, their manager is frantically trying to keep track of 15 due dates and coverage shifts. But patients don’t have to worry — they’ve been planning for this for months.

Watch the video to see all 15 expectant moms!

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