15 Things To Expect in Classic WoW if You Never Played Vanilla World of Warcraft

15 Things To Expect in Classic WoW if You Never Played Vanilla World of Warcraft

Classic WoW is going to be the best MMO of 2019, Here are a couple of things to expect from this rare and expensive jewel. I believe this summer we will have the best iteration of vanilla wow we ever experienced.

0:20 Intro
1:39 Classic WoW is a real MMORPG
2:18 Your Reputation Matters
3:15 Slower Paced Combat
4:22 Gold has Value
5:08 The Disjointed Nature of the leveling process
6:07 Copse Run & Spirit Healer
7:03 Group Quest Difficulty
8:02 The rarity of Items matters.
9:09 Epics Might not look Great.
9:45 Pick a Faction and stick with it.
10:36 Inventory Management.
11:36 Keys & Attunements
13:02 No faceroll Content
14:21 Travel Time
15:34 Leveling is Harder
16:37 Outro

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Hey Everyone, Frost here. Welcome back to a new classic wow video. Lately, the channel has grown significantly and I could’nt help notice the amount of people that never played vanilla wow, and yet they’re interested in trying it out, wondering what this movement regarding classic servers is all about. Today, our installment is dedicated to new players, returning players from the the original iteration of the game or even to veteran vanilla advocates with hope in mind to touch on some the nostalgic feelings and maybe provide a bit of entertainment. There’s no doubt in my mind that classic wow will attract large numbers of players, here are 15 things to expect if you never played Vanilla world of worcraft.

These are 15 things to expect in classic wow. Usually the videos on this channel are more suited for players that already play world of worcraft. Today I wanted to try something different for the upcoming new players. Normally, my other videos get like 1000 likes in the first 48 hours. If this clip manages to get 3000 likes in the first week… I’m going to make a part 2 followup. If you have ideas about things to expect in classic wow floating trough your mind, please make them known in comments down below as I might feature them in next video.

Thanks for watching, Until next time, STAY FROSTY!

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