20 minutes Moonglade music – ingame – World of Warcraft

20 minutes Moonglade music – ingame – World of Warcraft

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This channel, BlizzField, is made to store all the aspects of World of Warcraft into one channel on the internet. We store the landscapes, music, soundtracks, characters, classes, dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, arena’s, cities, talents, glyphs, pets, creatures, races, players, holidays, specials, quests, expansions, rp, guilds, chats, achievements and ALL the other aspects of WoW.

Since the coming of Deathwing, we have seen Azaroth change. Many of the zones that we used to quest in as younger people, have been permanently destroyed,

Remember when thousand needles was a desert? Remember when Stranglethorn vale was just one zone? And the Barrens. The older players of WoW, will know what i’m talking about.

We dont know what blizzard decides to do in the future… Maybe Deathwings brother will stop by some day, and destroy all the things that arent destroyed yet.

To safe guard the World of Warcraft, we are storing our experiences online on YouTube for the whole world to see… And keep WoW alive for eternity.

If you want to help us and you have video’s of you doing quests, collecting rare pets or working the Auction House, you are more then welcome to send in your video’s. We happily put all the video’s up, so we have a robust database of everything WoW online.

We will also be putting up how to’s and guide to play the game the right way and introduce/help noobs on their way in Warcraft.

Vanilla, the burning crusde, wrath of the lich king, cataclysm and Myst of Pandaria… We store it all.

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