2019 Fanbyte US Marketing Survey and Giveaway

Comment by Jimbrooks

on 2019-10-17T23:47:34-05:00

US only? AU gets no love again

Comment by Sas148

on 2019-10-17T23:50:22-05:00

US only? AU gets no love againr
I can’t even remember the last time we had a survey or giveaway that was restricted to a specific region, United States or otherwise, this isn’t a frequent occurrence.

Comment by aaaaabbbbbcccccc

on 2019-10-17T23:56:20-05:00

You willingly want to participate in market research on yourself?

Comment by aries98

on 2019-10-18T00:07:24-05:00

does US include Puerto Rico? (we are a territory)

Comment by kellorion

on 2019-10-18T00:10:02-05:00

Please select wowhead below?

Comment by Trick83

on 2019-10-18T00:14:01-05:00

1. A question asks if you attend any of these events…

Gives list of events, but does not give a “no” option.

2. Clearly unbiased with the question that shows a bunch of sites in the list, but the “question” just says pick wowhead.

I should have picked one of the others.

Comment by Geredrek

on 2019-10-18T00:22:16-05:00

All these people commenting about the pick wowhead question have never done a survey before

Comment by norecha

on 2019-10-18T00:36:19-05:00

pick wowhead question is targeted for bots (or dummies).

Comment by Agentkillerlee

on 2019-10-18T00:37:14-05:00

US only? AU gets no love againr
Canada gets no love too… wtf

Comment by norecha

on 2019-10-18T00:37:30-05:00

You willingly want to participate in market research on yourself?r
it is anonymous so w/e

Comment by m2geek

on 2019-10-18T00:46:35-05:00

Wow, america first much.

Comment by TheDarkAeonAnima

on 2019-10-18T00:57:00-05:00

Canada gets no love too… wtfr
I may not have a Credit Card or any way to pay, but this makes me sad that Canada isn’t included

Comment by darnas50

on 2019-10-18T01:27:46-05:00

My tame bear is upset. Balalaika plays sad notes …

Comment by Trang0ul

on 2019-10-18T01:27:47-05:00

There are US and there is second world.

Comment by ButMadNNW

on 2019-10-18T01:34:18-05:00

Bit of feedback: A lot of people don’t like to disclose their annual earnings on surveys, so you should add a “Decline to answer” option to that question.

Comment by Tofke

on 2019-10-18T01:48:37-05:00

There are US and there is second world.r
*Laughs in European* Sure. :>

Comment by PleasureBot

on 2019-10-18T02:09:58-05:00

It’s most likely US-only because the answers they want are only relevant to the US market, country laws, or both.

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