30 Lacing and Stringing Beads Set – Montessori Math Preschool Toys for Fine Motor Skills, OT, Autism

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These Montessori math preschool toys for fine motor skills, OT, autism come complete with 30 jumbo lacing and stringing beads, lace, and a bonus 10 crazy cool shape connectors. Montessori preschool toys are the standard for educational toys as they enhance problem solving, cognitive thinking, and build a foundation for reading and math processing. Your child will develop their creative thinking skills through engaging play, language development, and foundational math explorations. Count, sort, pattern, organize, predict, sequence, learn shapes and colors – all with this educational brain game. Ideal for preschool, HeadStart, daycare, homeschool, home, and school, math activity centers, kindergarten, 1st grade (first). Perfect as a travel game for kids in car or plane! Take it with you to restaurants or doctor visits…. Anywhere you might have time to learn and play. This ultimate bundle has been created by Mr. E=mc² TM . We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If this product does not meet your expectations, we will make it right! This guarantee is not offered by other sellers.Manipulatives game for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners comes with 10 bonus Shape Connectors
Educational Occupational Therapy Toy to develop dexterity and flexibility and hand eye coordination
Promotes sequencing, patterning, counting, structuring numbers, and predictability recognition
Identify and sort colors and shapes, boost cognitive thinking, engage in toddler play, sensory tool
This bundle is intended for ages 3+. Please note that the beads measure approximately 1 inch.