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The latest comic in the WoW series leading up to Battle for Azeroth features the Windrunner-trio of Sylvanas, Alleria and Vereesa, and looks to setup a meeting between the now Void-infused Alleria and the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas. To prepare for the latest release, Blizzard sent us a preview of the comic, as well as a Q&A with the writing team.

The main script for the comic was written by Christie Golden and Andrew Robinson. Golden is mostly known for her work on the WoW novels, with her latest work, Before the Storm, explaining the events running up to Battle for Azeroth and her upcoming novella, Elegy, which looks at the Alliance-viewpoint of certain events in Battle for Azeroth. Alongside Golden, we have Andrew Robinson, a senior writer for Blizzard; along with writing the comic “Reunion”, which focused on Jaina’s story, Robinson has worked on multiple Blizzard projects, including the Harbingers series for Legion. Backing up the writing front of Golden and Robinson is the plot-master Steve Danuser, who some of you may know as a game designer turned narrative designer at Blizzard.

Together, these three titans have worked to create what could be one of the most awaited meetings of Legion; with such heavy hints from Alleria and Vereesa that a meeting would have to take place between the sisters, it was always going to happen eventually, but this is Danuser’s take on the matter:

It’s clear that it was something the team definitely wanted to work on, but it’s fair to say that Alleria, Sylvanas and Vereesa all have very different priorities right now. Despite this, could there still be some similarities? Golden had this to say about what the Winderunners had in common:

The first line that she is referring to is shown below on the first page.

Danuser thought that they all still share the same desires, but the target has changed from Silvermoon to their own respective duties:

They’ve been through very different things and, in Alleria’s case, experienced far more due to the time differences for her and Turalyon.

When asked how this warped sense of time impacted Turalyon and Alleria, Danuser had this to say:

You can see Alleria visiting her statue, as Danuser references, in the panel below, accompanied by Turalyon:

The mention of it almost being a “human” quality is especially interesting given that, despite her centuries of experience fighting for the Army of the Light, Alleria is still willing to go behind Anduin’s back in order to meet with Sylvanas.

Her response to Turalyon’s concern isĀ intriguing, since her reference to it as a “personal” matter means that we might see some fairly unconventional reactions from the Void Elf. She is separating herself from the identity of being in the Alliance and specifically stating that this is a matter between her and her family, removing the concept of her meeting with the leader of her enemy.

Turalyon’s role in the comic will be somewhat difficult to decipher, especially since he was extremely loyal to the Alliance before him and Alleria left. Whether or not he stands by Alleria in her choices will most likely depend on how far she bends his allegiance and how much he loves her, in comparison to his loyalty to his faction.

The writers had some interesting input on the idea of Turalyon and his role, starting with Danuser:

There’s definitely a connection to the Paladins and members of the Alliance, but Golden points out another solid link to the Alliance:

With the undying faith in the light that we saw in the Illidan vs. X’era cinematic, we can assume Turalyon is going to be very good friends with Anduin. With Alleria leaning towards the Void, could this be a time for Turalyon to blame her choices and abandon her to whatever she has in store for Sylvanas?

What do you think is the fate of the sisters in this newest comic? Will we see a radiant reunion or a royal rumble?

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