4 Angels to Ask For Help in Your Marriage

Marriage is a source of incredible joy. Your spouse is there to support you when you are challenged, cheer you on when you succeed and help you get back up when you fall. They are your best friend, closest confidant and only lover. That does not mean, however, that things are always easy. There will be difficult times and struggles in your marriage no matter how much you love, trust and respect your spouse. The trials may not be something either of you did or can control. A tree might fall on your house, or one of you might get sick. You may move to a new city and struggle to find your place in it. You love your spouse and they love you, but sometimes you need a little more help than another human being can give you. In those instances, it can be a good idea to call on the angels. These spiritual beings and messengers of God are always listening and are usually happy to lend a helping hand to the faithful who need some assistance. 

When it comes to seeking help in your marriage, some angels are more likely to be able to solve problems than others. Here are four angels to ask for help in your marriage.

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