4 Modern Miracles You Forgot About

Most people think of miracles as incredible events that took place long ago. They assume that miracles no longer happen today. This, however, is incorrect. Miracles continue to happen today. Part of the reason modern miracles are overlooked, however, has to do with what most people think of when they hear the word “miracle.” For most people, a miracle is something big and flashy. It is flowing lava that mysteriously parts around a home and then converges on the other side of the house. It is a lightning strike that hits a would-be murderer and saves a parent and child. Such events are undoubtedly miraculous, but they are not the only sorts of miracles that occur today. Some miracles are small and quiet. There are also a number of miracles that made use of human intervention. These are the sort of miracles like when a sinking boat does not suddenly empty of water but another boat appears out of nowhere to rescue the passengers. Such events tend to make up the bulk of modern miracles but the human element of them often leaves third party observers unaware that they have just witnessed a miracle. As a result, miracles sometimes get overlooked such as these four modern miracles.

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