4 Reasons to Try Meditation | 4 Reasons You Should Start Meditating

Meditation has become extremely popular in the last handful of years. There are endless playlists on Spotify and YouTube that claim to be filled with music specifically tailored for meditation, and guided meditation recordings can be found splashed across the internet and on DVD’s in nearly equal measure. Self-help and inspiration blogs are covered with images of people sitting in a lotus position on a mountain top, by the ocean or in front of a stunning sunset. Meditation seems to be a panacea for every ill a person can complain about today. Can sitting and breathing really bring that many benefits?

Bizarre as it may sound, taking a few minutes to be still and focused can do incredible things for your health. Meditation has been shown to improve nearly every aspect of a person’s life. From marital conflict to insomnia to social anxiety, meditation seems to be a constant answer to people’s needs. There are many different types of meditation, and some are more suited to certain concerns than others. Mindfulness meditation, for example, may be better at decreasing stress while focused-attention meditation brings more cognitive benefits. There are nearly as many forms of meditation as there are benefits, and that is quite a high bar. To list every benefit of meditation would take days, but here are four reasons to try meditation today.

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