4 Tips to Prevent Swimmer’s Ear

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Summer in Arizona is hotter than hot, so our family tends to spend a TON of time in the pool. It is a great activity for the entire family, and we can spend hours in it every day! We make sure that we are always prepared:

Towels – check!

Swimsuits – check!

Sunscreen – check!

Sunglasses – check!

Flip flops – check!

One thing that we’ve come across summer after summer of hanging out in the pool, is fluid-filled ears and ear-aches. Usually by the second week into summer, my oldest can’t get the fluid drained out of her ears, and then the ache starts coming. Since we’ve spent quite a few summers battling the notorious “Swimmer’s Ear”, and we’ve come up with a few tips to help your family avoid it.

Don’t let Swimmer’s Ear stop your summer fun! 4 great tips to keep your ears healthy and dry this season #AD #CVS #FindYourHealthy

4 Tips to Help Prevent Swimmer’s Ear

1. Use ear plugs to keep your ear dry when swimming. You don’t see too many people donning ear plugs at the pool, but they actually DO WORK! If you (or your children) can get used to the feeling of the plugs in your ear, “swimmer’s ear” is an easy fix.

2. Try and dry out your ears immediately after swimming. If they won’t drain on their own, using a low-heat setting on your hair dryer and blowing it near your outer ear can help.

3. Use some over-the-counter “swimmer’s ear” drops or ear-drying drops.  A few drops massaged into the ear canal can really help to quickly dry out the ear.

4. Get your ears checked out by a doctor. Sometimes a wax build up can keep fluid in, or a uniquely shaped ear canal can cause problems. If you have constant ear problems, getting them checked out is a MUST DO.

Getting Help for Swimmer’s Ear

After a few bouts of “swimmer’s ear”, it was time to take my daughter in for an ear check up. Her regular pediatrician was out of office, so we decided to try out the nearby CVS Minute Clinic. I loved that we could sign in online at CVS, fill out all of our paperwork, and pass our wait time at home.

We received a text when our appointment time was within 30 minutes, and we headed out. I was surprised at how many different things CVS Minute Clinic could handle. Anything from skin irritations, to physicals, to vaccinations.

Once we got to the store, we walked right up to the Nurse Practitioner on duty and spent the next little bit figuring out how to solve our summer ear drama. We were able to still use our regular health insurance, and the nurse practitioner offered to send all of her results over to our regular pediatrician so our records stay up to date.

After our visit, the nurse practitioner walked us over to where we could get some drops to help with drying and some to help with ear pain. I was truly impressed with the care and service from beginning to end at CVS Minute Clinic, we’ll definitely be back again!

Have you found any tips that help with Summer Ear Drama?

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