4 Ways to Remember God is Great

There is no denying God’s power and greatness. The Bible shows it over and over again. That does not mean, however, that Christians do not sometimes forget His incredible power. Sometimes those moments of forgetfulness come during a particularly difficult time in a person’s life. They are struggling. Perhaps they lost their job or feel that their marriage is falling apart. They have been praying and know that God has the power to fix their problems, but when the challenges do not go away, they begin to wonder if God can fix those problems at all. The person may also be struggling with another person’s situation. They may be in a position where someone they love is in a seemingly hopeless situation such as a warzone or an area that was leveled by a natural disaster, and they find themselves wondering why God did not stop this terrible thing if He is so powerful. 

Sometimes it is not a life-altering event that causes people to doubt or forget about God’s incredible power. It may be that there has seemingly been no reason to think about it. Everyday life may have gotten in the way, or a person may have been so successful at solving their own problems that they begin to subconsciously believe that they have all the power they need. In any of these instances, it is good to have a reminder of how incredible God really is. Here are four ways to remember God is great every day.

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