5 Benefits of an Untethered Spirituality

Our spirituality is ultimately the freest experience we can have. So much of our lives are controlled by something external. At work our behavior reflects the requirements of the job, our boss, our coworkers. Off the clock we answer to the needs or expectations of all the other people in our lives. Spirituality, meanwhile, rests in the realm of our interior lives – uninfluenced by anyone else unless we decide otherwise.

In a culture where over sharing is now normal, there is something delicious about having our very own intimate secrets: secret desires, secret fears, secret knowledge. To give any one of them away by sharing them out loud, is to give away something precious. These deep thoughts are, in fact, an important part of who we are. They can help us to understand ourselves. 

Spirituality is the one type of experience we are truly free to process without making an explanation to anyone else. A case could be made that before sharing spiritual experiences with others, they should be allowed to settle on our minds, perhaps even be savored for a time. 

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