5 Cold and Flu Prevention Steps You Are Not Taking l How to Avoid the Flu l How to Not Catch a Cold

They are lurking and looking for a place to thrive. It won’t take long for the flu virus or the cold virus to settle into their new home especially if the conditions are right. The winter is the ideal time for us to get sick as we are remaining indoors more. Germs love warm and dry places. What happens when we are in the dry air all of the time? It dries out the mucous membranes and it allows germs to fester. With the dry heat and people spreading the cold and the flu viruses around like candy, the environment is primed for people to become infected. Sometimes we just are too late in the game by the time symptoms start to manifest. But this time we are going to play more offense. Here are 5 cold and flu prevention steps that you aren’t taking.

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