5 Essential Oils to Jumpstart Weight Loss

Essential Oils (oils extracted aromatic plants) have long played an important role in history, medicine and religion. Oils have been used in religious ceremonies, cosmetics, funeral rites and perfume. The Ancient Egyptians are often credited with being the first to use essential oils. One of the oldest documents – dating back to 1553 BC – called the Ebers Papyrus details how to use frankincense for a variety of ailments. When Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered in 1922, archeologist Howard Carter found 35 alabaster jars that were used to hold oils. Chinese aromatherapists believed that extracting a plant’s fragrance was a way to free its soul. The Ancient Greek Hippocrates used the aromatherapy of several essential oils to fumigate Athens and fight off the plague epidemic. Today, scientists, physicians and researchers are beginning to return to the use of essential oils as a way to naturally and holistically heal our bodies.

Oils are natural anti-depressants, antibacterial fighters, and immune strengtheners. But did you know they can also help you to jumpstart a weight loss goal? The following shows you how five essential oils can help you stay on track with your weight loss regimen.

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