5 Green Ways to Stay Cool This Summer | Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Cool

Summer means no school, pool parties, barbeques, sunshine and fun. Summer also means sweaty clothing, hot rooms and desperate attempts at fanning yourself. You probably have plenty of things you like about summer, but the odds are that you have tried and failed to successfully combat the summer heat. If you have succeeded, you probably winced when you got the bill for the air conditioning.

Keeping cool in the summer is tricky enough, but it gets even harder when you want to stay green. No matter how well it works, blasting the AC all day, every day is not the best thing to do for the environment. Staying green, however, does not mean you have to stay hot during the summer. There are ways to both do your part for the environment and still keep your home and yourself a comfortable temperature. Here are five green ways to stay cool this summer.

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