5 Reasons You May Need an Angel Intervention | Obsession with Angels | Addiction Intervention | Belief in Angels

Hope is a powerful element to possess. When you have hope on your side, everything seems possible. With hope things suddenly seem less scary and mountains seem to move with ease. With hope dark skies aren’t as dark as they once appeared and miracles tend to reveal themselves more often. Oftentimes hope gets roped into the same category as angelic entities because your glass of hope has to be pretty darn full if you believe in angels. Now let’s be clear – angels absolutely do exist and they are powerful beings that exist on a physical level here on Earth and a spiritual level in heaven. With that being said, it’s important to recognize and come to terms with the reality that life happens.

There are going to rough times and there are going to be smooth periods – no matter what life will continue to run its course and only God will know the plan. Having faith in God’s messengers can become obsessive and that’s not entirely the world’s fault. If you know a thing or two about angels, then you know that there is an encyclopedia of angels and they all have specifics. Although there is proof of their existence, it’s important to recognize the difference between obsession and natural courses of action. So I must ask, do you need an angel intervention? Let’s find out.

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