5 Simple Ways to Get and Stay Happy | How to Be a More Positive Person

When is the last time you truly felt happy? A time where you felt there was an extra pep in your step, you had a smile plastered across your face, and genuinely felt blessed. Was it a long time ago?

If so, you might be feeling frustrated and angry with life. Despite having periods of happiness in your life, you struggle to make it last. You desire to have that happiness you felt before, but don’t know how to sustain it. You also many felt you have never been truly happy and don’t know how to begin to cultivate it. It seems like it’s simply out of reach.

There are scientific ways to increase your mood and be a happier, more positive person. These easy steps will get you on the track to enduring happiness if you put in the effort. Here are simple ways to become a happier person long-term.

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