5 Tips For Avoiding Back-to-School Germs

At the end of summer break, there’s no denying that parents are definitely ready to send their kids back to school. Summer vacations are always a lot of fun, but the constant stress of trying to entertain children can be a lot. During the highly anticipated first day, parents and, even teachers, often forget about all the germs associated with being back in the swing of things. Seasons are getting ready to change and the summer days are about to turn into fall temps – new allergies are arising, the different temps cause new colds to brew, and students will be sitting in closer closed quarters.

It’s important to embark on the school season by checking off some sanitary to-dos before everyone starts. Think of it as fall cleaning. Everyone anticipates the annual spring cleaning purge, but incorporating these same demands for the fall could save parents some serious co-pays and unprompted PTO. According to the CDC, on average, elementary school children get eight to 12 colds or cases of the flu each school year. For older kids, they contract on average four to six. Teachers often refer to the initial illnesses as the back to school plague. However, there are healthy habits parents (and teachers) can instill in their children to help battle the germs. If we teach kids to watch out for potential danger zones and hot spots, they’ll be better equipped to avoid colds and other illnesses.

You’ll want to add a few additional supplies to that Target run and carve out a day for the whole family to get involved with this health awareness preamble. So, before you send the kiddos back to school, check out these tips for avoiding germs – and cold mayhem.

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