5 Warning Signs From the Angels | 5 Signs Your Angels Are Warning You

When you make the conscious choice to work with your angels, they give you signs like numbers and feathers to let you know you are on the right path or to guide you. They offer you subtle signs, hints, and messages to show the way and let you know they are with you. These signs are usually repetitive, out of the ordinary, personally meaningful co-incidents, abnormal or unexpected. 

They also give us signs of impending danger or warnings when we need to pay better attention to what is going on around us. 

When you encounter a warning sign, don’t worry. Stop what you are doing or take heed of the warning. 

The angels will also send you warning signs and messages when you have been ignoring the subtle signs you have been asking to receive. If the message isn’t getting through, and you keep asking, they will try to deliver it in different ways. If you have asked your angels for a sign and feel you are not getting one, try to ask for it to come in a way that you can understand right now and they will keep trying. 

Here are five warning signs your angels can use to communicate with you.

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