5 Ways Angels Can Assist You in Every Area of Your Life | Asking Angels for Help | How Angels Can Help

Sue was struggling with a particularly difficult relationship with her brother, Dan. Their mother had died a year earlier and Dan was angry and bitter at several people in his extended family, but especially with Sue. He thought that he hadn’t received his share of the money that their mom had left and blamed Sue for this. She had made several overtures to go over the financial records and explain, but Dan rebuffed her efforts.

Sue was distraught. This was her only brother. She decided she needed an intuitive reading for added insight. She told the intuitive that she didn’t want to give up on Dan and yet she was feeling very beaten down by the battle he was waging against her.

In a reading, information comes from intuition — feelings, words, impressions, symbolic images, physical sensations and an inner knowing. It also comes from a client’s guides and angels. As the session continued, the messages began pouring in and the first one made her laugh! The intuitive saw a group of her angels standing around her in spirit with big signs that read.

They communicated that they very much wanted to help her with her family difficulties. They explained that Sue (and all of us) has free will. They could only help her if she asked directly for their assistance; otherwise they remained “unemployed.”

They also gave her some tips to share about working with them.

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