5 Ways to Live From the Heart | How to be a more compassionate person | How to live a more meaningful life

Living from the heart seems like a pretty simple concept. Just be nice to people, show compassion and get on with it, right? While that is certainly a start, it is only the beginning of the journey from truly living from a place of love and kindness.

Cultivating compassion is a path of happiness and self-awareness. It might not be an easy path all the time, because it takes effort to not get angry at someone for spilling coffee on your when you’ve had a tough morning. However with time, choosing compassion becomes second nature. You start thinking more kindly, negative self-talk begins to lessen, and a spirit of goodness overcomes you. Only then do you realize you have started living from the heart.

Here are the ways you can begin to actively choose love, kindness and compassion each day. It starts with loving yourself and ends with sharing warm-heartedness with the world. Take these tips and begin living from the heart today.

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