6 Common Exercise Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Workout

Very few people workout purely because they enjoy it. It is true that many experienced gym rats truly do like the actual act of building up a sweat, but there is normally another benefit that they are pursuing as well. They may be exercising largely for the health benefits. They may find exercise a wonderful form of stress relief. They may enjoy how exercise helps them get a better and more restful night’s sleep. People who all but live at the gym may also take fitness classes for the social element. They might enjoy making new friends at the classes. Gym gurus are also sometimes in it for the challenge and find it satisfying to push their body to do as much as it can. Still other people workout for the aesthetic benefits it brings. All of these are perfectly good reasons to hit the gym. Unfortunately, when you go, you might well be shooting yourself in the foot. Just like with everything else, having bad workout habits can be enough to drain much of the benefit from your workout. Here are six common exercise mistakes that are ruining your workout.

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