6 Diets That Actually Work

Few things are worse for the human body than most short-tem fad diets. They often involve going for days with little nutrition, dehydration, and starving the body of certain necessary nutrients. Psychologically, they give false hope to the thousands who wish to lose weight and keep it off—almost no fad diet is effective in keeping weight off, because they are not sustainable and do not promote long-term health.

There are, however, some great alternatives—diets that are formulated with nutrition in mind, and often, a goal as well, such as the lowering of blood pressure or the slow loss of fat. These diets, which we will cover here, work. You won’t see them advertised on TV or emblazoned across internet ad banners because the information about them is freely given. They’re not gimmicks, marketing tricks, or money-grabbing schemes out to prey on those in need.

So read on, and learn about 6 diets that actually work.

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