6 Easy Ways to Recharge When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed l How Be Happier l Ending the Stress

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We never take breaks. We are a people always in motion and always burning the candles at both ends. Whether at work or in our personal lives, finding calm seems out of reach. Sometimes it can feel like we’re juggling so many things that we lose track of ourselves and just melt into the day. If you are being bombarded with the cares of life and are feeling like the walking dead, it is high time for you to take a step back. There are consequences of not recharging. Constant stress can affect your sleep patterns, make you irritable and fatigued, unable to concentrate and could crush your spirit. It can also generate: “Food addictions, gambling, checking out with television and video games are also habits that may develop due to chronic stress,” Dr. Josh Axe wrote. Don’t allow things to squeeze all the life from you. Take a moment to restrategize and gain your life back before you burn out. Here are 6 suggestions to help you recharge!

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