6 ‘Healthy Alternatives’ That Are Actually Terrible For You | Foods Bad For Your Health

The dream of every child, and an awful lot of adults, is that one day the world would wake up to find that chocolate was good for you, and it was broccoli that was unhealthy. The food groups would become cake, cookies, ice cream and candy. People could eat as much of any of them as they wanted and remain healthy. Unfortunately, that is not the world that exists today, and that world is unlikely to come into existence any time soon. Until then, people are left eating healthy food to keep their bodies in working condition and small bits of junk food to pacify their taste buds and control cravings. 

Given the natural desire to have healthy food that tastes just as good as junk food or junk food that is just as good for you as healthy food, people are always very excited to find out about healthy alternatives to their favorite junk foods. Unfortunately, those “healthy” alternatives are sometimes just as bad as the things they are replacing. Here are six “healthy alternatives” that are actually terrible for you.

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