6 Prayers to Activate Your Angels

Angels are always everywhere around you. They are watching over you and leaving signs of their presence in your daily life. That does not, however, mean that they will always interfere in your life without a request from you. Sometimes, they hold back their assistance and wait for you to recognize that you need it. In such instances, you might be stubborn or contrary. You might even become bitter. Why else, after all, would your angels have abandoned you? Do not despair. You have not been abandoned by your angels. They are still with you. They are simply waiting for you to reach out to them and request their help. If you feel like your angels have been less than helpful recently, stop and consider your own actions. Have you actively reached out to try and contact your angels? Have you asked them for their help, or have you simply expected them to step in to fix your problems while you remain oblivious to their presence? If you have not done your part, start doing it now. Use these six prayers to activate your angels and bring their heavenly guidance and assistance into your life.

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