6 Reasons Why Mary is the Queen of Angels | Catholic Angels | Virgin Mary | Queen of Heaven

Mary, although very popular in the Catholic religion, is actually an ascended master who works with people of all faiths. Her energy is gentle yet strong, constant, nurturing, grounded and wise. Mary is an ideal divine entity to call upon if there is a situation you need to surrender to. Mary understands as well as anyone the many challenges, lessons and limitations of earthly life, so Mary will often enter our lives when we need someone to stand beside us during our trials. If you want to be a parent, are in the midst of raising children or are observing the paths of adult children, you can call on Mary in your thoughts, prayers or journal for advice—and she will always answer.

Mary is sometimes referred to as the Queen of Angels. That is partly because she’s had so many interactions with angels: Her own birth was predicted by angels, and Archangel Gabriel personally gave Mary the news that she was destined to be the mother of Jesus. But more than that, Mary has much in common with the angels. The following are some traits the angels and Mary share.

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