6 Secrets From God For an Extraordinary Life | How to Live Your Best Life

What is the key to living an extraordinary life? Many of us want to know if we’re making the right decisions. That’s why so many of us ask ourselves if we’re on the right path and if the direction we’re going in is the right way. We all want to make sense of what God is saying to us and where He is leading us. While we all want the answer revealed to us but many don’t have a clue where to find the answer when the starting place is very simple: God. There is no better place to go than to Scripture for the answer. The Bible offers great insight into God’s plan and will for His people. The Lord has a great plan for your life. Scripture tells us, “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’” (Jeremiah 29:11). Do you know where God might be calling you? Do you want to live your best life? Do you want to better hear His voice so these answers may be revealed to you? Here are six secrets from God for an extraordinary life.

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