6 Signs Loved Ones Send From Beyond | Messages from the afterlife | Signs someone dead is trying to speak with you | Signs from people who have passed on

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When someone passes on, we feel a tremendous amount of loss and grief. Many people find comfort in knowing their loved one is up in Heaven, and that their loved ones are sometimes able to send messages and signs that they are still around us. The energy of the person who has passed on can still come into our reality and speak to us. In fact, it’s incredibly common for these signs to happen.

Our loved ones love to send us signs along our path, and can put signs into another’s path as a way to communicate with us as well. We just have to make sure to pay attention to our surroundings or these signs can easily be missed. These direct methods of communication can occur anywhere and at any time. They can be received when you are fully awake, or in a twilight state of dreaming.

Here are six signs that your deceased loved one may be using to try and connect with you.

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