6 Things Angels Cannot Do

Angels are beings of great power that exist across all religious teachings in one form or another. They exist in a nonphysical dimension beyond the limitations of the physical dimension that humans exist within. Angels are instruments of the Creator and can act as a messenger between humans and God. The exact number of angels is not known however theologians estimate in the “hundreds of millions” based on the apostle John’s vision documented in Revelation 5:11. 

The angels do have names although we do not know all the angelic names. They also have distinct personalities and specialties. They can communicate with each other and with humans in a variety of ways. They can think independently and have the freedom to choose between right and wrong. There are several different categories of angels based on power and authority. These categories include archangels, seraphs, cherubs and others.

Angels surround us throughout our life times and are always there to assist us when we ask for help. Sometimes it can seem like we have been struggling and struggling but the angels are not hearing our cries. Angels are always listening, but they can only help us if we give them permission to assist. With the exceptions of physical harm or an extreme emergency, angels cannot intervene unless we ask.  For this reason, it is not only necessary to tell the angels our problems, hopes and desires but also to be sure we specifically ask for their help, guidance or intervention.

However, angels do have limits on what they can and cannot do. If it just does not seem like the angels are hearing our prayers, it could be that what we are asking for is something they cannot do. Here are six things angels cannot do.

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