6 Ways to Find Meaning and Purpose in a Secular Age

Countless studies show that religion makes us happier, healthier, and more giving. Religion connects us to our past, creates tight communal bonds and provides a space for people to grow in faith together. While religion plays an important role in the lives of most Americans, a recent Religious Landscape Study found that Americans have become less religious in recent years. The change in Americans’ religious beliefs correlates with the rising share of the U.S. public that is not affiliated with any religion, commonly referred to as the “nones”. The religious unaffiliated not only make up a growing portion of the population, they also are growing increasingly secular. While most Americans are raised in a religious tradition, many are leaving religion, and in turn losing a key sense of belonging and community. How can we still find ritual, story, community and belonging in a secular age? Here are six ways to find meaning and purpose in our nation today.

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