6 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Every Day | 6 Ways to Be Mindful in Daily Life | 6 Easy Ways to Be Mindful Every Day

Mindfulness has become a popular term in recent years. There is advice everywhere about how to eat mindfully, work mindfully, walk mindfully and even breathe mindfully. It seems every self-help book or self-improvement blog has a section about “living mindfully.” Is mindfulness really that important? Can it really help people so much?


Mindfulness has been linked to a wide variety of benefits, including physical benefits such as better sleep and emotional benefits such as lower stress levels. For all its benefits, however, there is not necessarily a lot of advice on how to be mindful in daily life. Most advice seems to center around meditation and making time to sit quietly alone. What are the options, though, for those who cannot guarantee that they will be left alone for a certain amount of time such as those with young children? What about those who either do not like to meditate or have not yet found a form of meditation that works for them? 


Thankfully, daily life offers many opportunities for people to work on being mindful. Here are six ways to practice mindfulness every day, regardless of how much is packed into your schedule. 

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