6-Year-Old Boy Ties String Around Tooth, Then Dad Pushes Him Down Hill On Sled To Yank It Out

This is a page straight out of the old-school tooth fairy playbook, if you ask me!

When 6-year-old Atticus Chandler realized he had a loose tooth, he came up with the brilliant idea to tie a string around it, grab his sled, and yank that sucker out. The young boy was in Shaver Lake, California, with his dad, Nick, who got the entire thing on camera.

“Everyone was super excited but no one could believe he was the one who had the idea and was willing to do it,” Nick told Caters News.It was only his second time to the snow and he was having a blast sledding all day. When he woke up the next day, he burst into the kitchen and announced to the whole family, ‘I have my best idea… and I want to do it today!’”

First, a string was securely tied around Atticus’ wobbly tooth. Then, the boy hopped on his sled while dad held the other end of the string. After a good, hard push down the hill from his father, Atticus’ plan worked!

“It was hilarious,” Nick continued. “He actually said that the reason he wanted to do it that day was he wanted to get a gift from the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy always leaves him a small train and a dollar.”

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