7.3 Battle Pets: Gnomeregan Trainer, Summon Random Pet Button, New Pets

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New Battle Pet Trainer

A new Pet Battle Trainer has been found in Gnomeregan that awards the new prize of Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies. Environeer Bert will challenge you with 3 mechanical pets.

Mini Spider Tank is listed as a drop from the Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies.

Check out Lazey’s comment for details on the pets and abilities.

Summon Random Pet Button

A new Button has been added on the Pet Journal tab, “Summon Random Favorite Battle Pet.” Similar to the “Summon Random Favorite Mount” button on Live servers, players will be able to mark their favorite Battle Pets and click a button to summon a random one!

New Pets

We’ve found 3 new pets in the Database from our 7.3 coverage: Model D1-BB-L3R, Ghost Shark, Naxxy.

Ghost Shark

The in-game pet Journal says that the Ghost Shark is obtainable from Nat Pagle in your Garrison’s Fishing Shack similar to the Land Shark. However, he doesn’t appear to sell this pet right now which means that the tooltip is probably bugged and showing the Land Shark tooltip.

Queen Azshara’s curse over the denizens of Azsuna did not only affect the night elves. This shark is doomed to an eternity of bottomless hunger.


Naxxy is available as a new Hallow’s End pet in either Stormwind or Tirisfal Glades.

It’s just constantly barfting plague fluid. Where does it come from? Where does it go?

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