7 Diet Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss | Common Dieting Mistakes | Why Am I Not Losing Weight

Eating less, but not losing enough? Going on a diet trying to lose weight is not easy. It’s even harder when you feel you are doing everything you can, but not seeing any results. If you are giving your weight loss your absolute best efforts but the needle on the scale just isn’t moving, it’s easy to feel all the hope is lost. The success feels far too distant. But don’t be too quick to give up. It may be that some common pieces of misguided diet advice are sabotaging your weight loss success. In fact, some of the worst unintended diet offenders work to slow your metabolism not only causing your weight loss to stall but also to make it even more difficult to burn the stubborn fat you want to lose. Fortunately, these diet mistakes are fairly easy to undo and overcome with the right information in hand. In this article, we’ll unveil those common diet mistakes everyone makes and show you exactly how you can undo them and what you need to do instead to help make your dieting a success. Here are 7 of the worst and most common diet mistakes that are stalling your weight loss.

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