7 Life Lessons From the Beach | What the Beach Teaches Us | Lessons From the Ocean | Inspiration From the Beach

There’s something special about the beach. There is a spirituality about the way the salt water ebbs and flows, the way the sand shifts into a different natural sculpture every day, and the way the sun looks as it peeks over the horizon each morning, then slips away to its evening resting place each night. When we’re younger, the beach teaches lessons like: 1) sunscreen may prevent tanning, but it also prevents painful burns, 2) regardless of what you’re told, nothing but time really stops a jellyfish sting and 3) if you hang out by the pier, you’ll get closer to the good-looking surfers! In our adult years, though, the beach teaches us more lessons about life than any of us could have possibly imagined. These are five of those lessons.

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