7 Ways to Figure Out Why You’re Not Happy | 7 Ways to Figure Out Why You Are Unhappy | How to Figure Out Why You Are Unhappy

Everyone wants to be happy in life. You want to get up in the morning and greet the day with a smile, and you want to go to bed at night feeling content with life. Despite that understandable desire, you find yourself waking up with a groan and shuffling miserably through the day. Then, you come home at night and fall in bed feeling despondent. To make matters worse, there is nothing that stands out to you as a reason for you to be unhappy. It is not that you loathe your job or that your home life is stressful, so why do you constantly feel like you are down in the dumps?

If you are forever feeling the blues, it might be worth it to check with your doctor and make sure you are not suffering from a form of clinical depression. Assuming the root cause of your unhappiness is not depression or a similar medical condition, you need to set aside some time to examine your life. There is every possibility that you are the cause of your own unhappiness. In which case, you can recreate a happy life for yourself. Here are seven ways to figure out why you are not happy.

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