8.1 PTR – New Spell Visuals: Draenei Shaman Totems

Comment by hollow114

on 2018-09-29T16:17:20-05:00

They look really good. Kept the same style and everything.

Comment by Shaggypaw

on 2018-09-29T16:22:42-05:00

Much prettier!

Comment by Xytal

on 2018-09-29T16:26:37-05:00

Draenei get new totems but not Tauren? ALLIANCE BIAS! /sr
Anywho, glad to see they are slowly update old visuals as time goes on!

Comment by JoeLVGN

on 2018-09-29T16:27:37-05:00

definitely MOST needed change

Comment by Lorainee

on 2018-09-29T16:32:41-05:00


Comment by Rayanist

on 2018-09-29T16:33:23-05:00

Nice! Love when they update old textures!

Comment by yanzhmaev

on 2018-09-29T16:33:29-05:00

Yaaassss. Personally don’t care about draenei, but this fills me with the hope of that Blizzard will finally do the same with tauren totems

Comment by Jetfyre

on 2018-09-29T16:35:24-05:00

Oooh awesome! They look fantastic!

Comment by wowwowy

on 2018-09-29T16:45:37-05:00

Regular Orcs and Goblin IMHO need the update the most now. But all of them except pandas and the allied races need it I think.r

Comment by SilverDragon234

on 2018-09-29T16:46:36-05:00


Comment by Wouth

on 2018-09-29T16:50:37-05:00

Nice visual upgrade

Comment by PimpinGoose

on 2018-09-29T17:01:53-05:00

As a draenei shaman main, this pleases me greatly. Thank you, Blizzard!

Comment by epic1965

on 2018-09-29T17:02:23-05:00

I would love to experience this first hand but the PTR will still not fully load it always crashes before after character select before the world opens

Comment by bardicbass616

on 2018-09-29T17:03:25-05:00

More visual updates. Nice.r
Regular Orcs and Goblin IMHO need the update the most now.Female Worgen wants to have a word with you.r
Worgen aren’t shaman….

Comment by Jacobattack

on 2018-09-29T17:03:41-05:00

Alliance favoritism

Comment by selkie47

on 2018-09-29T17:15:10-05:00

I like! Much easier to see the differences.

Comment by AlmosteasyxDream

on 2018-09-29T17:22:22-05:00

Alliance favoritism…..

Comment by Alkaizer

on 2018-09-29T17:26:56-05:00

They’ll probably update all of the old shaman totems, with the draenei ones just being the first ones to be implemented to PTR. Good thing if they do, I’ve been very jelly of the Dark Iron/Mag’har totems.

Comment by Zoeila

on 2018-09-29T17:35:36-05:00

too bad i’ll never see these because totem mastery is trash on enhancement. please bring back totems as part of the enhance class fantasy.

Comment by Dogeburger

on 2018-09-29T18:00:22-05:00

That looks fantastic!

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