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Il’gynoth returns as a boss in Ny’alotha, the Patch 8.3 raid, and with it comes another round of whispers full of prophecies. What do they entail? This article contains spoilers.

We fought Il’gynoth back in the Emeral Nightmare and if you played in Legion, chances are you know that his prophecies have manifested themselves later on in Battle for Azeroth. He gave us hints on how Magni would become a pawn, which happened in Rise of Azshara, and much more. Now, he’s back in Ny’alotha and his Voice Overs are full of riddles.

Il’gynoth VO

We’ve analyzed all whispers below.

This refers to Mueh’zala who is also referred to as the Father of Sleep based on WoWWiki. Mueh’zala is the loa of death worshipped by the Sandury Tribe, and likely, Bwonsamdi’s boss, whose identity has not been unveiled yet.

The “Golden One” is Calia Menethil. Although the game did not contain information on how Sylvanas killed her and Calia got raised, 8.3 sound files hint at Calia becoming the new leader of the Forsaken and her plans to reclaim Lordaeron.

Il’gynoth claims Calia will bring only darkness. This may refer to the events of Patch 9.0 and beyond. Remember, that we faced Il’gynoth as a boss at the beginning of Legion and his prophecies came true just recently in Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara.

The Val’kyr have some sort of pact with Sylvanas and it appears they are eager to fulfill her every wish. What that entails remains to be seen.

“The Vessel of Life” probably refers to the Green Dragonflight. It foreshadows a traitor amidst their ranks. Merithra, the Daughter of Ysera, has seen some screen time in Battle for Azeroth and what the future brings is uncertain as for now.

The Dragon Aspects have lost their powers after defeating Deathwing and in Battle for Azeroth, they’re back helping us against N’Zoth. 

Patch 8.3 Voice Overs suggest that Sylvanas, who’s now wielding Xal’atath, wants to use it against N’Zoth to defeat him. Her deal with Queen Azshara was to bring the champions of the Alliance and the Horde to Nazjatar, and in Visions of N’Zoth, Azshara provides us with valuable information on how to defeat the God of the Deep.

In World of Warcraft there are six planes (realms of existence). We are the “cunning ones” and it seems we only serve one master, which is death.

The cosmic forces, realms and denizens of the universe (Taken from WoWWiki)

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Here’s an analysis of Il’gynoth’s whispers who returns as a boss in Patch 8.3.

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