8 Celebrities Who Battled Postpartum Depression l Coping with Depression l Moms Dealing with the Baby Blues

Having a baby is an exciting time for many women and it is supposed to be a happy event as depicted by the media. Yet, this is not always the case. The event can trigger many emotions and also depression in many. New moms encounter having the baby blues, which is mild depression for a few weeks after birth. This may include insomnia, anxiety, mood swings and crying spells. But for other women, they may experience severe depression. “Up to 1 in 7, experience a much more serious mood disorder — postpartum depression. Postpartum psychosis, a condition that may involve psychotic symptoms like delusions or hallucinations, is a different disorder and is very rare,” the American Psychological Association reported. Postpartum depression may last months after the baby is born and it can show up months after delivery. Postpartum depression isn’t a character flaw and no one is exempt from being a victim. It doesn’t discriminate by age, income, race, ethnicity, culture or education. There are stars who have everything at their disposal who battled postpartum depression and struggled to conquer the condition. You are not alone, here are 8 celebrities who faced postpartum depression.

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