8 Facts to Remember When Life is Unbearable l When Life Becomes Too Hard to Handle

A friend stepped over the smoldering debris of where her house once stood. Tripping over melted photo frames, broken pieces of furniture, the sound of broken glass being crushed beneath her feet added to the misery. The house fire took all of her material possessions and left her homeless. News broke that 50 people were killed in a shooting at a country music concert with Jason Aldean in Las Vegas and has devastated an entire nation. Whether the stories are personal or when we hear of tragedy happening to strangers–we can’t find the words. It is customary for us to experience several stages of adjustment including nervousness, depression and hopelessness after encountering traumatic events. It can significantly disrupt life for years to come in some situations. No matter what it is, life can certainly send you into a dismal place. People react in different ways to a disaster and those feelings are part of the process. Some people go to antidepressants, food, therapy or numb the pain with drugs. The reality is when there is darkness in your world, it’s hard to find a crevice of sunlight. Consider these 8 facts to remember when life becomes unbearable.

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