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8 Ways to Find Happiness at Work

You may be facing some tough challenges at work or reached a state of indifference, stuck in a workplace rut. Here are eight ways to overcome these obstacles and find real happiness at work.

Look Inward

Start with yourself. Before going to work, prepare with positivity. Meditate on a Bible verse or an inspirational quote to shift your thoughts for an enjoyable work day.

Remember why you chose this job or field of work and remind yourself of what you’re passionate about.

Overcome Adversity with Resilience

There will be failures at work, challenges and adversity ahead. But being resilient and bouncing back from the worst shows our best.

Be Integral to Creating a Positive Work Environment

Your work environment can dampen your mood and affect your work performance. And without even knowing it, you may be contributing to your misery, and others. Do you gossip with other coworkers in the office or hang around people that spread negative energy?

If you want to be in a positive work environment, you have to be integral in creating it. Stay away from people that are damaging to your happiness. Don’t listen to, or spread, gossip.

Focus on the Process

It’s not when you get there, but how. The effort and time put into the work process is more important than the success reached.

Look back on where you were 5-10 years ago and see where you are at now. Take stock of the accomplishments and successes, and reflect on the beautiful struggle.

Change Your Perspective

We tend to put our expectations on things that have no connection to real happiness, so when it all falls apart, we are frustrated.

Having an open mind and being aware of your responsibilities, skill set, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone can have a positive impact. Take advantage of opportunities to grow and learn.

Have and Keep Your Integrity

So much of what you value is a part of who you are. Being honest and authentic in your work will help create a space of peace and balance. Show others who you are and what you are about.

Consider Others

Most of us at the workplace are self-focused. We are looking out for numero uno, without considering others who have helped us on the trek. You’re not the only one looking for a raise, or dealing with hell from the boss.

A compliment or a helping hand can be a starting point for friendships within the workplace.

Don’t Be on Work Overload

Doing too much when it comes to our jobs can breed discontentment.  Don’t say “yes” to everything, tacking on more piles of work that you know you can’t handle. When you clock out of work, leave it until the next day. Don’t forget to have a life outside of work.

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