87-Year-Old Grandma Shows Off Amazing Baton Routine

Age is only a number — how old you are should never dictate what you are capable of!

As we age, our bodies change, causing us to slow down a bit, but that doesn’t mean that we need to give up on the activities that we love.

Plenty of older individuals hold onto their passions through the decades, whether it’s a hobby, a marriage or even a job.

Some people find what they like doing early on and end up doing it for their entire lives, like this amazing woman who has been a secretary for over 80 years.

87-year-old grandma Donna Smolinski is also proving that her age doesn’t keep her from her incredible baton twirling.

Donna was a was a majorette at Alpena High School, but kept her impressive skills her entire life, as she exemplifies in the video below. 

The clip starts with her at the ready — is she really going to be able to spin that baton around with her frail hands?

As it turns out, she can really well! Her fingers skillfully flip it around, as if she was still in high school.

Check out her entire routine below — it’s definitely inspiring and proof that age doesn’t have to rob us of the things we love most.

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