9 Common Dream Symbols and What They Mean | What Does My Dream Mean | Popular Symbols in Dreams | What Does This Dream Symbol Stand For

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People have an incredible desire to understand what their dreams mean. The process of breaking down the elements in a dream can be fun and exciting, because dreams usually reflect the dreamer’s life in various ways. The meaning of the dream is specific and tailored to the dreamer, and as such there is no wrong interpretation of it. Some dreams can be lighthearted, while others might be tapping into dark emotions. Our dreams are our brain’s unconscious way of trying to communicate with us.

Symbols that appear in dreams can mean a large variety of things due to no two people having the exact same brain or life-experiences. However, there are some universal symbols in dreams that are based on the qualities they possess. We will focus on the most frequently appearing dream structures and archetypes and explain what they could possibly mean for you. Here are nine of the most common dream symbols.

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